Nuestro MANIFESTO está compuesto por 7 statements. ¿Quieres saber cuáles son?

Attention! Tomorrow has already arrived

Cooler, if you are interested in getting to know us a little better, be sure to read this post. We are going to show ourselves as we are, as we are natural and unabashed. They say that time puts everyone in their place and that karma always comes back, so here is our manifesto, for whatever may happen...

It is more than a declaration of intentions, where our values, our philosophy of life and our way of drinking the world sip by sip are clear.

Our MANIFESTO is made up of 7 statements. Do you want to know what they are?

The first and most important is Water as the principle of life. As stated by the United Nations in two of its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, water is a natural resource that allows us to maintain and increase the quality of our lives. True!

2.- Our second statement is We do not sell bottles. Of course not! We sell a concept transformed into a sustainable resource for the use and enjoyment of all our Coolers.

3.- As our third statement states, we apply a responsible use of plastic, looking for alternative and sustainable solutions. Plastic is not part of our life plans. It seemed nice at the beginning, but now there is no one who can get rid of it.

4.- Surely you have already realized that time passes too quickly, right? The fourth value of our manifesto is Today is tomorrow. You might think, what a load of crap... Maybe so. But it all depends on how you perceive life, its value and meaning. The important thing is to be aware of actions that go beyond ourselves. Everything we do has and will have consequences. Fortunately or unfortunately, reducing the negative effects of our actions is now in our hands.

5.- Our manifesto could well be a letter to the future, a time capsule that shouts at the top of its lungs: let's leave the planet a little better than how we found it. And how can we do that? The answer in the following statement.

6.- Let us believe in our potential. Together we are much stronger. If we unite our strength and our power we will be truly unstoppable. So let's all pull together!

7 .- We can not say goodbye without saying that Cool Bottles ™ is a real alternative to single-use plastic bottles. Learning is important, but so is unlearning and forgetting those habits that do not benefit us at all.

Looking for new and good solutions is the only way to make this world a better place. Will you sign our manifesto?