Los grandes cambios siempre empiezan por uno mismo

Great changes always start froim oneself

Discover 10 small, big actions to change the world

In case you still don't know, plastic is one of the culprits of climate change. As it decomposes, it releases various chemicals that have a very negative impact on the environment, affecting organisms and ecosystems. When plastic waste is exposed to solar radiation and decomposes, it emits methane and ethylene, two very potent gases that contribute to global warming.

So now you can become aware of the urgency of our planet. By taking action on an individual level, we can achieve global results. We just need to change some of our habits and want a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

If you want to join our cooler movement, you just have to apply the story and follow our 10 little big recommendations:

1.- Goodbye, bisphenol A!

Avoid bottled water at all costs. Plastic bottles, besides polluting a lot, can also contain toxins such as bisphenol, an industrial chemical that the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has included in the list of substances of very high concern "due to its endocrine disrupting properties causing probable serious effects on human health..." Alternatively, just get yourself an innoxidizable steel bottle and refill it as many times as you like. In addition, this type of sustainable bottle keeps the water fresh for 24 hours.

2.- Welcome to all biodegradable things.

Forget about single-use plastic utensils such as cutlery, plates, glasses or straws. Even if you have a party, use conventional tableware or 100% biodegradable ecological alternative tableware such as bamboo fiber. Regarding straws, the best alternative is stainless steel, totally reusable and easy to wash.

3.- Go to the supermarket with an #ecofriendly bag.

Shop in supermarkets that have replaced plastic bags with biodegradable, compostable or recycled bags. In addition to carrying your own cloth or reusable plastic bag, choose establishments with eco-friendly bags when buying fruit and vegetables.

4.- Bulk is better, as it used to be.

Whenever possible, buy food in bulk. You can take your own container to the butcher, fishmonger or deli and avoid a lot of unnecessary trays and cling film.

5.- Plastic and microwaves are not made for each other.

If you eat out, avoid plastic tupperware. They are fatal when you heat them in the microwave. By increasing their temperature, they can release various toxic substances such as dioxins, or bisphenol A itself. Even if it is a little heavier to transport, replace your conventional tupperware with a glass one. It will be worth it!

6.- Cleaning and waste collection

If you have no plans for a weekend, you can get your friends together and organize a trash pickup at the beach or in the mountains. It is a perfect activity to do as a group while enjoying the outdoors. Collect as much waste as possible and recycle it by depositing it in the appropriate container. It is an act of solidarity with the planet that will make you feel very good.

7.- Tetrabrics, no thanks

Avoid drinks packaged in tetrabricks. These containers are made of 75% cardboard, 20% polyethylene plastic and the remaining 5% aluminum. The best option is to prepare your own juices or smoothies. Carry them with you in airtight stainless steel containers and consume them anywhere. Children's snacks are the best time to raise awareness of this small change.

8.- We love George Clooney, but we love nature even more.

Do you have a capsule coffee maker? Well, it's time to use reusable capsules. The process is more laborious because you will have to fill the capsules manually, but you will generate less waste. Even if reusable capsules are made of food-grade plastic or steel, they are a better choice for the planet and for getting rid of bisphenol A.

9.- 700 years is too much! 

Say goodbye to your conventional toothbrush and switch to the biodegradable bamboo wood design. You'll still keep your teeth clean and healthy while taking care of the environment, as plastic toothbrushes take more than 700 years to degrade. Saying goodbye to ear buds wouldn't hurt either.

10.- Drive change

Last but not least, raise awareness in your environment. Tell them about the previous nine points and how you are contributing to reducing plastic consumption and combating climate change. If they don't listen to you, just give them a bottle, a tumbler or a pack of stainless steel straws to change their minds.