Más conectados que nunca

More connected than ever

Today we have two important dates, on the one hand, the world internet day and, on the other hand, the recycling day. What a chore! But what better than to celebrate them all at the same time.

Times have changed, and how. With a globally connected world, Cool Bottles also joins the promotion of accessibility to the network. And do you know when this date was first celebrated? October 25, 2005... it's been raining coffee, as Juan Luis Guerra used to say. It was a month later that the United Nations (UN) decided to propose May 17 as World Telecommunication and Information Society Day.

So today we will be more connected than ever. And, also from Cool Bottles we would like to make an act of reflection and ask ourselves, how our lives have changed since the emergence of this magnificent tool.

And, as we were saying, as if that were not enough ... today we also celebrate World Recycling Day. Our goal? To reduce the volume of waste generated

I'm sure you've heard the three 'R's; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

So we are not going to ask you to tattoo three 'R', well that would be very cool too. But apart from this, from Cool Bottles we reaffirm our essence. We love the lifestyle that respects and loves nature, that which gives us life. So it only takes commitment and attitude to want to improve and change this reality.

Being part of the change implies commitment, implies unlearning and also implies being constructive active people. People capable of building an environment of well-being, of improvement, an environment that takes into account everything that gives us freedom.

We can not agree more. From Cool Bottles we continue working to improve the environment and ensure that our products are ideal to be part of this necessary change.

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