Pensar está bien, pero actuar es mejor

Thinking is good, but acting is better

February 22nd marks a very, very cool day.

It is World Think Planet Day.

Some say that the celebration of this day has some relation to President Roosevelt, as he was a pioneer in addressing issues related to environmental conservation. Well, maybe it wasn't exactly that, as it turned out to be a consequence of his fight against unemployment during the Great Depression. But the important thing is that he created the so-called "Civilian Environmental Protection Corps," a program through which 250,000 young people between the ages of 18 and 25 got jobs. Do you know what their mission was? Mainly to carry out reforestation work. Well, every cloud has a silver lining... or so they say.

It's all very well to think about the planet, but action is what matters. There is no point in raising awareness and thinking about it if we don't act. Actions are what determine the change... Words and thoughts are carried away by the wind, don't you think?

All right, we'll set aside February 22 to think about the planet, but on the 23rd there will be no more excuses. As heavy-handed as we are, we still encourage you to eliminate the damn plastic from your lives. Both at home and outside. Let's see, we are going to propose you some very simple but very resultant little things:

In the bathroom:

Have you ever stopped to think about the amount of plastic you find in your bathroom? Shampoos, gels, masks, razors, sponges, toothpastes... an endless list of products that invade our living space.We buy it, we use it, and then it goes straight into the yellow garbage can.Fortunately, we find more and more sustainable brands like Cool Bottles aware of this problem.So it won't be difficult for you to find personal hygiene products where plastic is conspicuous by its absence... What is very fashionable lately are gels and shampoos in tablets. Haven't you tried them yet?Easy to use, they take up less room and are ideal to take with you to the gym or on a trip (when you can).

In the kitchen:

In this space of the house is where, possibly, we find more plastic. Have you taken a good look in your fridge?Plastic, plastic and more plastic... Avoid buying packaged food, take your own container to the market or opt for larger containers instead of individual containers. Let's not even talk about single-use cutlery or plates, because we already know that they are banned in your homes.

In the office:

We know we can be lazy sometimes, but don't be tempted to buy a coffee to go: plastic lid, plastic spoon... it's all downsides and waste everywhere. The alternative? Get up five minutes earlier, prepare your homemade coffee and put it in your tumbler. That way it will stay warm until lunchtime and on top of that you will contribute to not increasing plastic waste on our beloved planet.

That's all there is to it.Think a lot, but act more.