The Packs


      Life is nothing more than a succession of decisions. Sometimes, it is difficult to decide. And other times, deciding is not an option: we want "everything". To solve this problem, Cool Bottles™ packs were born: to make your life easier. Really, much easier...

      How do we achieve this? By combining: why stick with the Urban Miami when you can get the Urban Miami and the Urban Amsterdam? It doesn't make any sense to get just one bottle, does it? We created the Cool Bottles™ packs just so you wouldn't have to decide. We're here to help...

      Cool Bottles™ Packs

      But it wasn't going to stop there. There would be no point in generating Cool Bottles™ packs if we didn't give them a very special discount. And boy, do we. So when you decide that what you need is a pack, really, what you're saying is that you want to get two bottles at a single price.

      And it doesn't stop: we keep thinking about the combinations you're asking for. Will a pack of one bottle and a tumbler fit? Will it make sense to make a pack with two bottles of different sizes? What if we can combine any color from our Coolors line? With your feedback, we will continue to grow to make Cool Bottles™ packs more appealing.

      What's more, we are always taking for granted that a pack should be two products. But... why... is this mandatory? And why not three? Or five? Could we create a Cool Bottles™ starter pack that allows you to be a Cooler? Or, better yet... could you gift a pack to someone else to be a Cooler? There are endless possibilities in Cool Bottles™ packs that we will continue to work on.

      All that said, the most important thing is you. Your feedback. Your needs. Your love and attention to us. We'll try to reciprocate all that love by giving you options that meet all your needs. Don't hesitate to tell us what you want!