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The Cool

Happy birthday, coolers

Three years are really a long way!   We are celebrating for a week that our Cool Bottles™ project was born 3 years ago. And among other goals, one of them is to share. And how great is to share! Especially within your community! During these three years we have been able to

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70% of our planet is covered with water

Happy World Oceans Day All the oceans of the earth are connected to each other, connected by the same essence; the flow of motion. And, dear Cooler, in that flow we find the pure beauty of being, nature and water. Today we celebrate World Oceans Day. Oceans are responsible for producing at least

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Commitment, conviction and action.

If you are one of those Coolers with deep words, those who have really lived experiences, those who tell stories without knowing that they are doing it… If you are one of those Coolers, welcome/a. We know better than anyone how burdensome it is to be receiving information that is not of your

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More connected than ever

Today we celebrate two important dates, on one hand, the World Internet Day and, on the other, the Recycling Day. What a busy day! But we can’t imagine another option better than celebrating all together. Times have changed. A lot. With a globally connected world, from Cool Bottles we would like also to

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What makes you different, makes you Unique

Nothing stays forever. Everything changes, everything flows and, even if it costs us to accept it, everything goes away. But in the meantime, we have the chance to learn and enjoy those little moments, to appreciate their detail, their distinction and, finally, keep the good side of things. Sometimes, everything goes away to

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Vasos herméticos Cool Bottles 100% herméticos

The New Cool Tumblers

Progress and evolution are in our DNA. Changes take time, but when you finally come up with a new, more innovative, and up-to-date concept, looking back and saying, “it was worth it” is priceless. Do you want to check it out? The changes make us grow, evolve, and move forward. But there is

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Nuestro MANIFESTO está compuesto por 7 statements. ¿Quieres saber cuáles son?

Pay attention! Tomorrow is here!

Cooler, if you are interested in knowing us a little better, don’t miss this post. We are going to show ourselves as we are. They say that time puts everyone in their place and we believe karma always comes back, so here’s our manifesto to judge us in what is going to come…

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El acero inoxidable, tu nuevo best friend

Stainless steel, your new best friend

In this life, everything has a process. We have to constantly improve to reach our best version. And when this happens… boom! Magic emerges. That very same thing has happened with the evolution of stainless steel. Do you know it? It is an incredible material that perfectly preserves the natural state of both

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Thinking is good, but doing is what matters

February 22nd is a very cool day. It’s World Planet Thinking Day. Some people say that the celebration of this day has some relationship with President Roosevelt, since he was a pioneer in addressing issues related to environmental conservation. Well, maybe is not exactly, as it turned out to be a consequence of

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¡we love the straw… the reusable one!

There are days for all tastes. Rare days and curious days, like February 11. Do you know why? Because that day is celebrated, neither more nor less, than the World Day of drinking with straw. As you already know, we are lovers of reusable straws and super haters of plastic straw. But, do

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Who said blue monday?

Hey Coolers! Do you know what they say? The third Monday in January is the saddest day of the year. Can you believe it? It’s been labelled Blue Monday and, apparently, we have to be super depressed due to many things: Christmas holidays are over, we have already forgotten the New Year’s resolutions,

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The plastic pandemic

Confinement has been the 2020 word. A term that we practically did not know a year ago but that has turned out to be one of the most used and most sought after.. Confinement robbed us of freedom. It robbed us of mobility. We stop being free and moving freely. This forced confinement

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Cool Bottles - Tu botella de acero inoxidable
Botellas térmicas de acero inoxidable - Botellas personalizadas y reutilizables - Frío 36 horas Caliente 18 horas 🔥🧊 Más que una botella de agua: COOL BOTTLES 😎

We love to pamper you!

That simple

Botellas térmicas de acero inoxidable - Botellas personalizadas y reutilizables - Frío 36 horas Caliente 18 horas 🔥🧊 Más que una botella de agua: COOL BOTTLES 😎
That simple


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