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Your christmas, cooler than ever

Looks like the damn virus isn’t going to give us a truce on Christmas… No other option than being responsible and respect all the medical recommendations they are giving us. So, please everyone to comply with the sanitary protocol, for our sake and that of our loved ones.

This pandemic is teaching us many things. How to sharpen that genius that sometimes we have a little hidden. We’ve found new ways to connect with those family and friends we haven’t seen in a while. Video conferences, audio notes, videos… A lot of messages that, thanks to technology, we’re constantly sending out to show that our little heart is still pounding.

Well, our ingenuity has also taken its toll. We wanted to help you connect and demonstrate all that love inside you. Love for your family and friends, but also love for the planet. If you feel like giving away reusable bottles like our Cool Bottles,, wait to know what our Cool Christmas, Cool Messages campaign is all about.

With this action you will not only be contributing to reduce the consumption of plastic on the planet, but you will have the chance to send, to this special person, a totally customized message. Very supportive Christmas elves have broken into the Cool Bottles offices to help us hand write all your messages. 110 characters full of pretty words that will help shorten that damn social distance.

This super cool campaign has a clear goal: to connect emotionally with those people who surely will not be able to embrace until 2021. Generate that special connection that arises when we feel heard, we feel seen, we feel valued. When we can give and receive without judgment. Hence comes love and gratitude, two feelings that can do anything. They’re even capable of shattering all those negative sensations generated by the damn virus.

Cool Christmas, Cool Messages is a campaign that will help us all express our gratitude. We should be grateful for everything we have and not for what we have lost. That gratitude that helps us value small but very important things.

So let’s take advantage of the difficulties and turn them into opportunities to change and improve. This Christmas can be a fantastic starting point to create new traditions, explore new ways to socialize and communicate with words much more than we did before. A simple act like sending a message inside a bottle can generate very cool and very rewarding sensations for the soul. Focus on what is important, such as showing our feelings.

Easy, right? Just take a little time and make the ones we love the most happy.

Chin chin for a really cool Christmas.


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Cool Bottles - Tu botella de acero inoxidable
Botellas térmicas de acero inoxidable - Botellas personalizadas y reutilizables - Frío 36 horas Caliente 18 horas 🔥🧊 Más que una botella de agua: COOL BOTTLES 😎

We love to pamper you!

That simple

Botellas térmicas de acero inoxidable - Botellas personalizadas y reutilizables - Frío 36 horas Caliente 18 horas 🔥🧊 Más que una botella de agua: COOL BOTTLES 😎
That simple


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