Compromiso, convicción y acción

Commitment, conviction and action

If you are one of those Coolers with deep words, those who tell stories without knowing they are doing it... if you are one of those Coolers, welcome!

We know better than anyone how annoying it is to be receiving information that is not of interest to you, that flat, empty information, without any added value. It's enough of throwing words at random! We promise that our words are made with that affection that is expressed with delicacy and interest.

If you are one of those Coolers who still write letters with paper and pencil... we are going to tell you that this is no longer fashionable. Not because it is not nice, but because our essence asks us to evolve. To evolve in a respectful way with our environment. And that environment does not ask for plain or empty words, it asks for commitment, conviction and action. Commitment to our values, our essence and our being. Conviction in what we firmly believe and in what we fight for. And, dear Cooler, action, blessed action, what would we do without it! Necessary to change the world, to move forward, to bring out the best in us. And, you, you still wonder what you would do without it?

In Cool Bottles we are sincere words, those that break schemes, those that question you in the deepest part of your being. We are not of written letters, but of those letters that are written through their own action. We are pure commitment, not only with ourselves, but with something more immense, something that escapes us, something really imposing; LIFE. And, my friend, behind every COOL-LETTER hides a little piece of life, the kind that is built every day, without rest. And this life, which in turn gives us our own, is vulnerable, sensitive and finite.

We are not going to force you to sign up for our COOL-LETTER, but if you do, cultivate your commitment, your compassion and, without hesitation, your action. Because these three essential ingredients bring us closer to a world that looks better than yesterday.

PS: we promise total sincerity in every letter we send you.