How does it work and what does the warranty cover?

At Cool Bottles, we design and manufacture products with the goal of a lifetime of enjoyment and use. However, if something goes wrong, our warranty covers any manufacturing defect for 30 months from the date of purchase at coolbottlesco.com or an authorized dealer.

How to activate the warranty?
It's easy. We just need to know your details and those of your purchase.
Start the process by clicking here:



What is not covered under warranty?

- Wear and tear marks from use (e.g., bumps, worn parts, scratches, chipped paint or dents).
- Damage caused by improper cleaning or misuse (e.g., use of dishwasher or freezer).
- Loss of parts or components of the product (e.g. caps, rubbers or plugs).
- Alterations or modifications made at a later date (e.g., engravings made by third parties).

Reduce, Repair, Recover, Reuse and Recycle

Our values include having the least possible impact on the environment. We focus on waste reduction, so if the defect affects only part of a product, we will first try to fix the defect with a replacement, rather than with a new product.

In case we have to replace your product, we will try to make it the same size and color. In case it is not available, we will do our best to make it look like the original.

Did you purchase through an authorized retailer?

All of our distributors accept returns of products with manufacturing defects upon presentation of proof of purchase. They will offer you a refund or exchange the product. Or, if possible, they will provide replacements if that's the best option. And don't worry: we'll always be right behind you.

How to make a claim?

Simple. Send us an email to help@coolbottlesco.com from the email address where you have activated the warranty explaining the problem. We will ask you for pictures of the product: the stand, the base and the defect, so we recommend you to have them before contacting us.

We reserve the right to ask you for the product, to evaluate it in our offices, paying us the shipping costs.

Is your Cool Bottles a gift?
We are happy to help you. We just need the buyer to contact us in order to make the whole process.

Do you have a special cobranding Cool Bottles?
If your product is customized and has a manufacturing defect, please contact the person who gave it to you or from whom you purchased it. Cobranding products are not covered by this warranty policy and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.