Calm down! All our bottles come with a metal cap. Don't worry because you won't spill the contents... if you have your bottle cap on. It makes sense, doesn't it? So... why do I want a stopper? Well, to make your bottle (more) cool.

      You have a whole universe of colors that you can play with, combine, mix and match or experiment with different caps for your bottle. And what do I get? Thanks to the cap of your bottle you will get unique finishes.

      Only you will be the owner of that bottle... as long as you set the trend. You can create it with unique colors, mixing different colors, crossing the pastel and vivid tones of our collections... creativity is the limit. And all thanks to our bottle caps.

      Almost nothing, right? Well, it won't be that much... there will be few options, won't there? Combinatorics (oh no, maths!) gives us the answer. We come up with 588 combinations by crossing the different sizes we have, the colors of the bottles and the colors of the caps themselves. In other words, each of the bottles has 16 colors of bottle caps to match. Now that doesn't seem so few...

      A Bottle Cap for every occassion

      With your combination you will be able to show your creativity and what you feel at every moment. Or does your bottle always have to be the same? Not at all! Choose the bottle cap that best suits the occasion.

      Or is it the same to go to school, to work or to go on a city break? It doesn't seem so, does it? Well, don't let your bottle always be the same. Just by changing the cap of your bottle, you can change the result. We don't want you to forget your bottle cap.

      But it can happen. And if that happens, here you have a huge range of options to keep giving life to your bottle and, in addition, it will perfectly match you and the mood you want to convey.

      And last but not least: due to their technical characteristics, our bottle caps can only be used in the 260ml, 350ml and 500ml sizes. They are not compatible with the 750ml bottle as the stoppers for this bottle are larger, so enjoy your bottle stopper!