The Bottles


      Congratulations! If you're reading this, it's because you're very close to being Cooler. It may sound a bit pedantic (in fact, maybe it is), but these are the best stainless steel bottles on the market.

      No one else offers you that much. Our exclusive Triple Cool™ technology keeps your drinks up to 36 hours cold and 18 hours hot. Who can beat that? And it's all thanks to the triple layer of our thermal bottles. Yes, triple...

      We have more than 70 different references of reusable bottles, so you will probably find one that fits you and your personality. If you like plain colors, yours is a Coolors, if you like prints, you can choose between the 3D finish models of the Xclusive! or the Unique, if you like fluorescent colors you have the Neon, or if you are more into Glamour, we recommend the Chrome.


      All our bottles are made with the best food grade 18/8-304 stainless steel, both in the inner and outer layers, unlike many other brands of stainless steel bottles, which coat the outer layer with lower quality steel, right where you drink... That's the difference.

      But we can tell you even more: Our bottles are BPA (Bisphenol A) free. So you can forget any doubts when it comes to drinking.


      Its special cap makes your thermal bottle completely airtight, so you will have full security to accompany you in your bag, backpack or purse.

      Cool Bottles™ thermal bottles were born with a sustainable DNA. We believe in eliminating the use of plastics and protecting the environment. A Cool Bottles™ has enough quality to be reused thousands of times while keeping its properties intact.

      They don't perspire either. When you hold your Cool Bottles™ in your hand, you won't feel hot or cold. You won't be able to guess what the temperature of the liquid inside is. And, perhaps most importantly, it's anti-perspirant. It won't sweat on your hands and it won't soak your gadgets.

      We want companies to be part of the Coolers family. We call it Cobranding, but it's all about applying the differentiating values that a Cool Bottles™ represents to your brand, attaching your logo to high-quality stainless steel thermos bottles.

      At Cool Bottles, we don't just have bottles. Our strenght, as we have already mentioned, is the top quality stainless steel, and with it we also have other products such as water bottles for children, made especially for kids from 3 to 6 years old.

      We did not forget one of our best selling products, tumblers, and of course, all the accessories you may need for your bottles or tumblers.