Our Tumblers are actually high performance thermal cups. What is that? Well, something that (almost) nobody has: a thermal tumbler that allows you to keep your drinks 10 hours cold and 5 hours hot. But what's the secret, if it's just a thermal mug? Let's finish! If only it were that simple... that's exactly why we developed our exclusive Triple Cool™ technology. Its triple wall (not a typo, it has three walls) enables this spectacular thermal performance.

      We developed a screw-on lid that allows for total airtightness. Full security to go with you in your bag, backpack or purse. No more doubts: your tumbler is always with you!

      In addition, its transparent lid will allow you to control your drink at all times. You only have to open its tab and with its double click, you will have full security. Your tumbler with a perfect seal. Not only safe, but also secure.

      And then there's the quality. No doubts about it. All our tumblers use the best 18/8-304 food grade stainless steel. Standard, right? Yes, for us..., but we're tired of seeing tumblers where the quality of the outer steel is of poorer quality than the inside, in order to save costs... Your lips deserve the best quality in your tumbler, right?

      Finally, you won't find Bisphenol A (BPA) in our tumblers. No more doubts. They won't sweat either. Your thermal mug in your hand won't let you know the temperature inside. You won't feel hot or cold. Plus, it's anti-perspirant: it won't sweat on your hands or soak whatever it goes with. That's all there is to it. If you still have doubts, try it!


      We will never get tired of saying it: We are and bet on sustainability, it is in our DNA and we manufacture products that allow a reasonable and practical use of our resources. That's why the Cool Bottles™ Tumblers are designed for you to take your coffee, tea or the drink you like most everywhere you go, completely bypassing the disposable cups.


      We specialize in high quality, toxic-free stainless steel with our exclusive Triple Cool™ technology, triple layered to ensure maximum thermal performance.

      Thermal bottles for adults, and also for children that keep drinks hot for no less than 18 hours hot and 36 hours cold... At the moment there is nothing better on the market.

      In addition, you have to visit our accessories section, where you can buy spare parts for your Tumbler or bottle and accessories to get more out of them.