Eso que te hace diferente, te hace Unique

That which makes you different, makes you Unique

Not everything is forever. Everything changes, everything flows and, even if we find it hard to accept, everything goes away. But in the meantime, we have the opportunity to learn and enjoy those little moments, to appreciate their detail, their distinction and to keep, finally, the good side of things.

Sometimes, everything goes away to make way for other experiences that, without hesitation, will also make us see life in a different way. It is healthy to know this and to practice it, especially the fact of not being attached to anything in this life. If you have to be attached to something, let it be to yourself, to your essence, to that which makes you uniquely Unique. And speaking of uniqueness... do you already know our new Unique collection? A limited edition of Cool Bottles that combines the unusual to capture it in a really exclusive thermal bottle.

This super cool design line is inspired by a unique, different and fun creativity. This is a changing and limited collection, with new models that are added to previous designs. Undoubtedly, one of the best steel bottles on the market.

Always contributing our grain of sand to innovation. For this reason, the collection has limited capsules that give value to our expression of being, believing and feeling. Because when these three values come together, the result is something unique and inalienable. But if you are still one of those people who have a little bit of attachment... don't suffer, keep working on it, it's a work in progress.

In addition, our creative offer has many more lines of exploration that, surely, fit your lifestyle, your way of seeing and understanding life. Discover each and every one of the mini-collections and find the value that makes each of our Cool Bottles™ unique.

- Wild Capsule: a collection capable of bringing out your wild side.
- Party Capsule: to remember pre-pandemic parties... those were the days!
- Liquid Capsule: an explosion of textures and contrasts that you can almost touch with your bare hands.
- Floral Capsule: for lovers of flowers and nature more than ever.
- Jungle Capsule: want to be the king or queen of the jungle? This mini collection is for you.
- Urban capsule: if you like the asphalt and the good vibes of the city, Urban is yours!

It is not what makes us unique, but knowing how to value and appreciate if we are able to take care of what makes us different. And, when we are able to do so, we will ask ourselves why the fuck we had not started to do it before. Difference makes us unique! And you, what do you do to take care of what makes you different?