¿Quién ha dicho Blue Monday?

Who said Blue Monday?

Hi Coolers! Do you know what they say? That the third Monday of January is the saddest day of the year. Can you believe it? They have labeled it Blue Monday and apparently we have to be super depressed about a lot of things. That if the Christmas holidays are over, that if we have already forgotten our New Year's resolutions, that if we have a lot of expenses at this time of the year?

The psychologist Cliff Arnall was the one who came up with the Blue Monday theory. He designed a formula, much questioned by the scientific community, which, by the way, allowed to calculate the worst day of the year. And according to this formula, the worst day of 2021 will be January 18. But behind all this commotion, there is another no less far-fetched theory. Evil tongues pointed to Mr. Arnall as an accomplice in a publicity stunt devised by the Sky Travel travel agency. The aim was to increase vacation bookings. A little getaway to compensate for the theoretical sadness we suffer during the second half of January. Brilliant, isn't it? Anyway. We're not going to be the ones to question Cliff Arnall's theory, but we don't quite agree.

Regardless of formulas, theories or conspiratorial advertising campaigns, we will not allow our mood to be low. Not on the third Monday of January, not ever. Neither sadness nor melancholy... nothing, nothing at all! That's why we're going to use Blue Monday as an opportunity. A starting point to reflect on what makes us happy and what makes us unhappy. We are very clear about it. Helping to reduce plastic consumption on the planet makes us very happy. And you? Less plastic and more recycling. Less single-use bottles and more stainless steel containers.

Another thing that puts us in a good mood is company. So we'll try to be surrounded by our Vivid Blue tumblers. From January 18 until the end of the month, our Vivid Blue tumblers from the 330 ml and 550 ml Vivid collection will be available at a super cool price. With a 5€ discount compared to their usual price, what a joy!

Because we don't care what anyone tells us. We're going to be as happy as a damsel in distress. With this promo we will not allow our Coolers to be sad even on Blue Monday.